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Auto Tech Line

Khalid Ibrahim 0795 1029 420

Diagnostic Inspection is


I will be able to carry out inspections on all mechanical and electric faults on your car or van

Using Renault diagnostics system (Clip)

I have fully equipped to carried diagnose and repair.


- Immobiliser/Security and remote locking issues, ECU software faults. YOU don’t need to go to the manufacturer dealership.

If there is a minor issue I will carry out repair any small fixes in the labour time

(The price of the inspection does not include any additional parts that may be necessary to fix the problem).

Should there be any bigger problems I will provide you with a quote for the work and parts necessary to repair the problem.

If you accept the quote I will order the parts and arrange for a time to carry out the repair.

Automatic VIN and ECU recognition

- DTC reading and removal – including full break down and meaning of the codes

- Complete list of live data streaming for all main ECU’s

- Recordable / playback of live data

- Module programming

- ECU re-flash

- actuator function tests

- Airbag test

- Tyre fitting, wheel alignment and wheel balancing. We can recommend you to a local tyre fitter or fast-fit centre.