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Auto Tech Line

Khalid Ibrahim 0795 1029 420

Renault Car Repair, East London, Southeast London , North London, West London

Renault service and repairs

Renault Maintenance Service 

Get your Renault vehicle inspected and serviced by us

Vehicle servicing is carried out to ensure that your car operates reliably and efficiently and is maintained to maximise the life span of the vehicle. Avoiding any service leads to undue stress on vehicle components which can in turn lead to expensive and inconvenient breakdowns. At the very least, it will result in increased fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Auto Tech Line carry out engine a general car service using the manufacturer preferred oil and filter, spark plugs and an overall engine diagnostic for efficient fuel consumption and optimal power. Keeping your vehicle regular servicing can reduce the wear and tear is inevitable and if it isn't dealt with it can produce major issues for your vehicle, Which will incur major repair costs or render the vehicle un-roadworthy. You could even face devastating consequences if any critical components like braking, steering or suspension is involved. A general car service will help to prevent the above from occurring as your mechanic can pick up any potential problems before they become a hazard. While not only saving you money in the short term, it will also save you money over the long run as your car will be running at optimal efficiency keeping your fuel bills low!

Being a mobile mechanic there are many services I can offer at your home, or place of work these include:

Full Mechanical repair service:

  • Timing Belt changed,
  • Brake pads and disc, Engine servicing,
  • EGR Valve
  • Fuel pump and injector
  • Servicing.
  • Computer Diagnostics.
  • Brake work.
  • Electrics repair.
  • Suspension.
  • Alternator.
  • Battery

  • Anti-lock braking system where applicable:-
  • Brake Warning Lights Master cylinder,
  • Servo Unit
  • Hydraulic Pipes
  • Hydraulic Brake
  • Brake Discs,Brake Drums,Brake Pads
  • Handbrake Linkage
  • Hydraulic Fluid Loss
  • Light Operation
  • Steering Rack Condition
  • Steering Mountings
  • Steering Play
  • Renault Steering Performance
  • - Left to Right Full Lock:-
  • Wheel Bearing Condition and Play
  • Steering Rack Gaiters

However there are some works in which I will need to remove your vehicle and take to my base garage due to the works complexity, time issues or safety implications.

These works include:

  • MOT.
  • Engine Replacement.
  • Gear Box.
  • Clutch.

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